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Harms Historical Percussion
Instruments for:
- Medieval and Renaissance performing ensembles
- Orchestras performing Baroque and Classical music
- Pipe-and-Tabor players of all traditions
- Players of hand drum and tambourine

Click on this picture to read more about Tabors from Harms Historical Percussion
TABORS: Cylindrical wood drums, two skin heads tightened by rope tension, leather strap, adjustable gut snare. Five sizes.
- Today's Tabors (Article written by Ben Harms)
- Historical Tabors   (Article written by Ben Harms)

Click here for details about Hand Drums from Harms Historical Percussion
HAND DRUMS: Cylindrical wood shells with a skin stretched across one end. Diameters ranging from 10 to 22".
Click here for more info on Tambourines from Harms Historical Percussion TAMBOURINES: Two different designs - Middle Eastern (2 models) and Collegium.

Click here for details on Kettledrums from Harms Historical Percussion

18th CENTURY KETTLEDRUMS:  Hand-hammered copper bowls with resonance funnel (Schalltrichter) built into the interior, calfskin heads.

Click here for information on the Instructional Video by Harms Historical Percussion

Omni Drum and Elements Drum (Éoliphone)
Basic Technique for Hand Drum and Tambourine:  A step-by-step method for all experiences and backgrounds. One-hour tape; 16-page booklet.
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